Documenting the week

Pics from Day 1


Share your experience of Play Euclid

It’s Day One of Play Euclid! Help us document this experiment by filling out a short survey, sharing pictures on Twitter or posting your comments on the Cleveland subreddit.

Use hashtag #playeuclid when posting to help us share your thoughts.

Take this short, 9 question survey to help the CUDC with their research on how pedestrians experience and are affected by construction projects.

Or, participate in this Cleveland subreddit feed and share your thoughts and reactions to the week of activities.


Designing the Construction Experience

From the CUDC:

We’re excited about Play Euclid because it’s a case study on a research topic we’ve been pursuing for some time. We call it, “Designing the Construction Experience.” We know that road and building construction can sometimes have an adverse impact on retail and pedestrian activity. But could we design construction interventions to cause less harm? Could they actually make better places? Through more thoughtful design, perhaps we can create more engaging construction environments–ones we actually want to experience.

We’ll share more info on that research soon, but for now, make a point to PLAY EUCLID sometime this week!

You can share your experience of Play Euclid (and your construction experience) by filling out this survey: Play Euclid.

Why Play Euclid?

Development is happening across the City.  To keep pedestrians and motorists safe, sometimes roads and sidewalks need to be closed.  These closures present opportunities for temporary public uses. All of our partners want to support local businesses and ensure everyone thrives during the City’s renaissance. By supporting nontraditional events, such as Play Euclid, we can alert visitors and residents to construction while showing that the City is still open for business.

For updates on road closures and reroutes, you can visit the City of Cleveland’s blog or Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s website.